The Legend of Mount Bromo

By | January 7, 2020
The Legend of Mount Bromo

The legend of Mount Bromo. – There are many volcanoes in Indonesia. One of them in the province of East Java is often visited as a tourist destination. Why,? because this volcano is a famous tourist spot of the province of East Java. What volcano is mean, of course, Mount Bromo. Bromo Mount as a tourist destination in Indonesia, does not just stand. This volcano apparently has a legend that needs to be known.

It would be nice if you know about the legend of Mount Bromo if you want to visit Bromo. because the story will take you to imagine and increase your knowledge more fully about Bromo. This time we will tell about the legend of Mount Bromo according to the story of the Tengger tribe people who are the original inhabitants of Mount Bromo.

The Legend of Mount Bromo by Joko Seger and Rara Anteng

The legend of Mount bromo is starting when the gods and goddesses came down to earth. When the Majapahit kingdom was attacked by several regions and they were forced to finally they sought refuge. At that time the god showed them a place around Mount Bromo which was still calm, the air was cool, and was covered in white fog.

Not far from where the god lived, at the top of Penanjakan. lives a married couple whose daily activities are only worshiping and praying. One day the wife gave birth to a handsome and radiant baby boy like a bead of gods named JOKO SEGER

The baby named Joko Seger has a relatively healthy and fit physique. When he was born, Joko Seger cried so hard. That’s why it’s named Joko Seger. Besides Joko Seger, there is another baby born from Pananjakan Mountain. This baby girl is a baby born because of the incarnation of a god. The baby’s form named Rara Anteng is so beautiful. But unlike a baby named Joko Seger, a baby named Rara Anteng does not make a cry at all when born in the world.

Rara Anteng Rejected the Loans of Some Men

Rara Anteng, who is a baby girl, gradually grew into a beautiful teenage girl. Many men fall in love with Rara Anteng. But Rara Anteng refused the man who proposed. The reason is because Rara Anteng has fallen in love with Joko Seger.

Terms of Rara Anteng To the Evil Pirate

One day, Rara Anteng was proposed by a pirate who was notorious and also powerful. Rara Anteng is clearly not in love with the pirate. Rara Anteng then looked for ways to resist the pirate’s proposal. And the way taken is to provide conditions that can be said to be unacceptable. Rara Anteng asked the evil plow to build the ocean right in the middle of the mountain. The time given by Rara Anteng was last night. The sun sets to its limit is the sun rises. The pirate agreed with the ladder and began to build the ocean with coconut shells.

The Fail of the Evil Pirate, Raising Batok Mountain

Rara Anteng makes sense by dawning well before sunrise. Mashing rice to wake the chicken and make a crowing sound was successful. So that makes the evil plow feel very angry. Until the coconut shell that is plowed is used to build the ocean by dredging the sand in the middle of the mountain, just throwing it. Making the beginning of Mount Batok appear the legendary part of Mount Bromo.

Meditation of Rara Anteng and Joko Seger

The legend of Mount Bromo then tells that Rara Anteng and Joko Seger are married. Along with the development of time, unfortunately Rara Anteng and Joko Seger were blessed with children. So go to meditation to the top of the mountain which is now called Mount Bromo.

The meditation of Rara Anteng and Joko Seger were successfully fulfilled by an invisible voice telling the couple. That will have twenty-five children. But the youngest must be sacrificed. Kusuma, th

e youngest child must be thrown into the Bromo crater. The couple broke the promise. But in the end, Kusuma himself sacrificed himself to the Bromo crater.

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