The Entrance Fee to Mount Semeru

By | January 5, 2020
The Entrance Fee to Mount Semeru

The latest Entrance Fee to Mount Semeru is a must that you need to consider before the climbers decide to make a vacation in Semeru. Mount Semeru is said to be a mountain that has a million beauties and wonders in it. Of course this is very interesting in the eyes of the climbers, especially those who have a hobby to climb. Besides being the highest mountain on the island of Java, this mountain is also the most popular among climbers. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare everything to carry and of course you must know in advance how much the tickets price to get to Semeru mountain.

Awesome Things to Do in Semeru Mountain

Mount Semeru is being as a favorite choice of climbing because it has a million beauty and several tracks. On Mount Semeru has a very interesting meaning and history in the eyes of its climbers. This is becouse from a film call it 5 CM, this film successfully explores all the beauty of Mount Semeru which has a peak with the name Mahameru.

This mountain has a peak with an altitude of 3,676 meters above sea level, which is not a size that can be underestimated. Reaching the peak of the initial track when calculated requires 19 hours but this depends on the physical condition of the climber.

To take the tracks on Mount Semeru requires extraordinary physical because with this we can survive and enjoy the beauty of the peak of Mahameru. But physically not enough to be able to enjoy the beauty of the peak of Mahameru. The climbers also have to prepare no small cost to be able to enter this one tourist attraction.

Apparently, there are several increases that occur for the entrance fee to this one tourist spot. Perhaps because the cost of care and maintenance of the place, especially most of the climbers are very reckless to throw the place carelessly. So that the management intervened to maintain the beauty and naturalness of Mount Semeru. This is a logical reason why the entrance fee is raised. And here are the Mount Semeru tourist entrance fees.

Lates Update The Entrance Fee to Mount Semeru

For Nusantara Tourists (WNI/ Indonesian Citizens)

Costs that must be incurred are IDR. 10.000,- before the increase. But after the increase became IDR. 19.000,- /Day (for Week Day), and IDR. 24.000,- /Day (for Week End)

For Foreign Tourists (WNA)

Costs that must be incurred before are IDR. 72.500,- before the increase. But after the increase became IDR. 210.000,- /Day (for Week Day), and IDR. 305.000,- /Day (for Week End).

For detail ticket price to Semeru Mountain

LOCAL PEOPLEIDR. 19.000,- /DAY IDR. 24.000,- /DAY
FOREIGNERIDR. 210.000,- /DAY IDR. 305.000,- /DAY

Review the Entrance fee Price to Mount Semeru

That was the cost of the entrance fee to Mount Semeru tourism, the entrance fee is distinguished from the category of citizenship. Of course, indigenous people are getting a little freedom to pay. The intended freedom is the relief of costs that must be incurred. Because this is the manifestation of the manager to be able to make native climbers to be grateful to have a very beautiful tourist attraction and is located in their own country. It is hope that the indigenous climbers will be more likely to guard their attitude from careless actions or damage the beauty of Mount Semeru.

In fact, there are many who feel objected to the increase in entry rates. but actually when you think about it this is a fee that is not worth it when we see the beauty of the peak of Mahameru that we will see. The funds raised are used for maintenance costs and also pay for officials who work in the Bromo Tengger tourist area. Because in this way they can maintain the beauty and preservation of the beauty of Mount Semeru.