The Beauty of Mount Bromo

By | December 29, 2019
The Beauty of Mount Bromo
The Beauty of Mount Bromo East Java

Interesting tour you need to know in East Java is to visit Mount Bromo. It can be say that not many tourists visit the volcano tourism compared to the beach or other natural attractions. And if you know the interesting spots around the tourists of the volcano, it will be as fun as visiting other tourist attractions. Many interesting activities that you can do when traveling on Mount Bromo and enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo, among others, as follows.

Beautiful Sunrise on Mount Bromo

Sunrise is the activity that most often attracts tourists when visiting Mount Bromo. It’s really a shame not to do when traveling to volcanoes like Mount Bromo, you don’t see firsthand the beauty of the sunrise. There are several places to see the sunrise in Bromo including the peak of Pananjakan, Kingkong Hill, Seruni Point and Bukit Cinta. This place is indeed the best location to see the sunrise and view Bromo.

Horse Riding in the Sea Of Sand Bromo

Other activities that can be filled when tours to Mount Bromo are horse riding. Or rather done in a national park full of sand. Horse riding is usually done by tourists who want to go to the top of Bromo. This they do to enjoy Bromo without walking while looking at the charm around Mount Bromo. However, it should be noted when going to the sea sand tour around Mount Bromo, you should be careful because it is fairly steep and bumpy land contours. Not recommended to go to the sea of sand with a car or two-wheeled vehicles that are somewhat dangerous. But do not worry because it reached the sea of sand, you can enjoy it with a 4×4 four-wheeled vehicle accompanied by a guide.

Tour to the Lake Around Mount Bromo

Tourism activities in Mount Bromo certainly do not only take place around Mount Bromo. But you can also visit the lake or it is say as a tour of the lake. The lake that can be visited around Bromo starts from Ranu Kumbolo lake, Ranu Pani lake, and Ranu Regulo lake.

Tengger Tribe Festival

Tour Mount Bromo in the ninth to tenth months, fairly fortunate for tourists. In those months at Mount Bromo a festival was holding by the Tengger tribe. Namely, the Kasada festival means the festival which takes place in the tenth month. Ten in Javanese “dasa”. The Kasada Festival takes place with Tengger tribe activities that prepare offerings. The contents of offerings prepare by the Tengger tribe are chicken, vegetables, until the money / offerings are throwing away into the crater of Mount Bromo. In accordance with the history of Mount Bromo. When the youngest children of Joko Seger and Rara Anteng entered the crater of Mount Bromo.

Considering the temperature of the environment around Mount Bromo is cold, it is better for you to wear appropriate clothes when traveling on the mountain. In the sense of wearing warm clothing is recommend. Don’t forget to bring a sweater or jacket. So when suddenly the temperature in the Bromo mountain environment turns cold, you are not cold. Because changes in temperature of three degrees Celsius can be feel at any time on Mount Bromo when entering the dry season. But when the morning greets, the sun rises can make the surrounding Mount Bromo feel hot. So it’s also important to bring a head covering so you don’t feel too hot.

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