The Beautiful Ijen Crater

By | January 9, 2020
The Beautiful Ijen Crater

The Beautiful Ijen Crater Attraction. – Ijen Crater (Banyuwangi) is one of the best tourist destinations in East Java, Indonesia. Located on Mount Ijen, a large crater like this lake has its own charm. High acid levels bring a charming greenish blue color in the crater water. No wonder, if many foreign tourists who come to this place to enjoy the incredible views of the Ijen Volcano.

The Beauty of Ijen Crater Tourism Banyuwangi

Ijen Crater at the top of Mount Ijen is a series of volcanoes in East Java, Bromo, Semeru, and Merapi (in East Java there are also mountains that have the same name as mountains in Central Java, Merapi). Ijen Tourism Park Nature Reserve is located in Licin District, Banyuwangi Regency and Klobang District, Bondowoso Regency.

The Crater which is the largest producer of sulfur is located at an altitude of 2,368 meters above sea level. Uniquely, this crater is in the middle of the widest caldera on Java Island. The caldera is about 20 kilometers in size, and the size of the crater is 5466 hectares with a depth of 200 meters. Ijen Volcano is located at a depth of 300 meters below the caldera wall.

Another uniqueness of the Ijen Crater is the acid content (pH) which is very high. Its acidity level is almost zero. So that it can dissolve the human body in an instant. Crater temperature is also very high at 200 degrees Celsius. However, no need to worry about coming to this place. Because it is quite safe and the view offered is also very amazing.

The color of the bluish green crater water accompanied by sulfur fumes and mist looks very beautiful. The air temperature at the peak is also quite cold, around 10 degrees Celsius. The right time to come to this crater is the morning, after the fog disappears and sulfur fumes are not too thick. The water color of the crater lake looks bluish green.

To go to the Ijen plateau, you have to go along a path on the edge of the caldera. Tips for those of you who want to go down to the crater, always bring a mask to cover the nose, because sulfur fumes are dangerous. If the sulfur fume is too thick, you can use a cloth or scarf soaked in mineral water to cover your face so that the eyes are not sore and short of breath.

How to get Ijen Plateau

There are two alternative paths you can take to get to the Ijen Crater Tourism. First through the Banyuwangi route and the second through by the Bondowoso route.

The Route from Banyuwangi

Through this route it has good road conditions and is closer. This path is generally traversed by climbers who live in the Banyuwangi hotel. From Banyuwangi follow the path to Licin District. Then from Licin then go to Jambu and continue to Paltuding. After getting Paltuding, continue the journey by walking as far as 2 kilometers to the top of Ijen. The total distance you must travel through this path from Banyuwangi is 38 kilometers.

The Route from Bondowoso

The Bondowoso route is more comfortable to pass because the road conditions are already good with views of the beautiful coffee plantation and pine forest. From Bondowoso to Wonosari then to Sempol. After arriving in Sempol continue the journey to Paltuding. Next walk through the caldera cliff to the top of Ijen mountain. The distance you must travel through this route is 70 kilometers or 2 hours from the hotel you live in Bondowoso.