SONGA Water Rafting Amazing Adventure

By | January 25, 2020
Songa Water Rafting Amazing Adventure

Songa Water Rafting Amazing Adventure. – Take a vacation should do activities that are useful but still enjoyable. In Indonesia, there are lots of tour packages or activities that can be done during the holidays. Because Indonesia has many tourist attractions that you can visit. Like a vacation to the beach, mountains, or want to feel the sensation of vacationing in the forest, everything is there. Just choose it, then you can enjoy a truly enjoyable vacation.

But when planning a vacation it should not be arbitrary, because there must be physical preparation and also a budget. Therefore, before going on vacation, you have to plan where you want to go and what you want to do in that vacation spot. What if you do something challenging that you have never done before?. Rafting seems to be the right choice, because Rafting has not been done by everyone. Try to go to the Pekalen River, Probolinggo, East Java. There is Songa Rafting that will guide your vacation with great fun. To do rafting with songa rafting on the river Pekalen Probolinggo, there are two recommended packages that you can choose according to your needs and budget.

Bottom Rafting of Songa Adventure

Bottom Rafting of Songa is a package that has price a IDR. 400,000,- Per Person, with people joining together in a package of at least 5 people. But if you invite a minimum of 20 people, then you will get a more attractive price quote. At the bottom rafting, you can do rafting as far as 10 km on the river that has guaranteed safety.

Besides that, you will also get guide and rescue team facilities, so you have nothing to worry about while playing rafting. You will also get standard equipment facilities that you must wear while playing rafting. The equipment consists of helmets, paddles, inflatable boats and buoys. In addition, you will also get welcome drinks, snacks, lunch, and drinking water during rafting. Other facilities such as insurance that guarantees your safety and local transportation are also available. Take it easy, rafting is not a dangerous sport as long as you don’t try dangerous things when playing rafting.

Top Rafting of Songa Adventure

Unlike the lower rafting, then at this Upper Songa, the price offered for each person is more expensive at IDR. 450,000,– /PAX. With a minimum of 5 people participating. But almost the same as Bottom Songa, then you can get a cheap price if you invite a minimum of 20 people to play rafting.

The advantage of top rafting is that the rafting path is longer than the bottom rafting. When you take the Top Songa rafting package, you will be able to play rafting 12 km away. For the matter of facilities, then you will get the same facilities as bottom rafting. For packages offered by Songa rafting on the Pekalen river Probolinggo, it is not only limited to rafting, but you can also try outbound activities or training games that can help you and your colleagues to build good teamwork. This activity is best done together with colleagues in one office.

Why does rafting have to be on the Pekalen River?

Pekalen River is one of the best destinations for rafting lovers. Because the river stretches to 3 districts in Probolinggo namely Tiris, Maron and Gading Districts. The rapids are quite challenging and are in grades 2 and 3+. In the river the panorama is still very natural, there are 5 splash waterfalls and also thousands of bats that you will encounter when rafting who lives in crevices of cliffs near the waterfall there. No wonder because of the waterfall, the rapids in the Pekalen River are quite challenging.

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The Pekalen River is located 25 km from the city center of Probolinggo. Far from the noise of the city and in the middle of a very beautiful nature like in the forest. 7-meter high cliffs on the river side are also often used by adventurers to do extreme sports like beautiful jumping. But this activity is not recommended for those of you who don’t have much experience in swimming. Surely rafting in Pekalen will be an experience that can refresh your mind which has been tired from your busy life in the city.

How to do the Rafting on Songa Water Rafting Amazing Adventure

Basecamp Songa Rafting is located in Tiris District. Later when you arrive there you will be treated to snacks and warm drinks before leaving for rafting. Then you will also be explained a guide about rafting by a guide who is very experienced. From basecamp to the rafting location you will be delivered by car. During this trip you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the natural scenery around the Pekalen river. You can see the wildlife that live there up close and then the very green scenery will immediately welcome you on your way to the rafting location.

When you do rafting, you will get the chance to stop right under the splash of the waterfall. It feels very refreshing and pleasant to feel the splash of a very clear waterfall. It really doesn’t just refresh your body. Then you can also feel your mind become fresher when rafting on the Pekalen river with Songa Rafting Amazing Adventure.

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