Mount Raung The Best Trekking Mountain

By | January 21, 2020
Mount Raung The Best Trekking Mountain

Mount Raung the best trekking mountain is located in 3 districts namely Bondowoso, Jember, and Banyuwangi. Mount Raung has an altitude of 332 meters above sea level with a stratovolcano type which is an active volcano. This caldera oval patterned with an area of 750 X 2,250 meters and a depth of up to 500 meters. This interesting panorama causes this attraction to be quite popular not only among local travelers but even foreign tourists.

For those of you who climb mountain climbing activities. Raung mountain tourism object really can’t be missed. Because only this is where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the caldera on a very unique mountaintop. What is interesting on this mountain is the panoramic view of the caldera which emits thin smoke accompanied by bursts of fire. Of course this is an exotic sight.

Route and Trekking Access to Mount Raung

After arriving in Bondowoso Regency, you can ride public transportation with the Atta Gardu route wit a cost around IDR. 5.000, – After that you have to change transportation to the Sumber Waringin route at a cost of around IDR. 10,000. After arriving in Sumber Waringin village, continue your journey on foot to the climbing post which is located quite close. If you don’t want to walk, you can use a motorcycle taxi for around IDR. 20,000. The thing to remember especially for you beginners in climbing, you will not find water sources on the Route and Mount Raung climbing route so you have to bring water from the base camp about as much as 10 liters per person.

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To reach the summit of Mount Raung there are 2 climbing routes namely Waringin and Kalibaru. To reach the second highest mountain peak or shadow peak you can take the Waringin route. While another route to climb is the Kalibaru route from Banyuwangi to reach the True Peak which is the main mountain peak. Compared to the Kalibaru lane, the Waringin lane is more chosen because the terrain is easier and safer.

How to get Mount Raung Summit

  • You will start the trekking journey from base camp to Pondok Motor about 7 km, which can be taken for 4 hours by trekking. But if you want to save energy, there are motorcycle taxis ready to deliver at a cost of around IDR. 30,000. With a motorbike you will arrive within 1 hour. At the Pondok Motor this is generally used by residents around to unload the loading of plantation products.
  • The next destination is Pondok Sumur which must be reached on foot starting from the people’s gardens and then entering the forest. The path to Pondok Sumur has many branches, but you don’t need to worry because the surrounding signs have been installed as a signpost.
  • The next route is to Pondok Demit, which can be taken in 2 hours in the form of a steep footpath. This location is a sloping land that is not too broad and is usually used by climbers to stay overnight.
  • Next up is climbing Pondok Angin which starts in the morning, so that when the sun rises they are already at the peak. Pondok Angin is a savanna with fir forest. At this height you will be able to see views of the city lights twinkling, as well as some parts of the mountain complex. Next is a trip to the summit that can be taken within an hour. Arriving at the top you can enjoy the beauty of Mount Raung.

Mount Raung The Best Trekking Mountain

Well, how exciting, isn’t it? Let’s immediately make an agenda to climb Mount Raung this holiday season. Hopefully the information about Mount Raung, The Best Trekking Mountain can be an interesting vacation reference for you.

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