Ijen Crater Entrance Fee

By | January 11, 2020
Ijen Crater Entrance Fee

Hiking is cheap, who says? Without proper preparation you will actually lose more money. Although the price of Ijen crater entrance fee is expensive for foreign visitors. But the journey to get there, requires more costs but not so expensive. For that, you need to know the estimated entry ticket so you can make financial planning when going to Mount Ijen. So it is more efficient and does not burden your finances.

The price of Ijen Crater Entrance Fee has increased

For those of you who have a hobby of climbing and want to conquer the peak of Ijen. Then you should first see the price of the entrance ticket to Mount Ijen. This will make it easier for you to develop the best possible financial plan from transportation to the entire supply. Without strong financial planning, you may not be able to control expenses during the climb.

Every year, many climbers who visit the Ijen Crater and always increasing both domestic and foreign tourists. So that the increase is considered very reasonable in order to continue to improve the supporting facilities contained in the Mount Ijen tour. Thus, you can determine or predict travel costs, local guide rental and other operational costs. Actually it was not only Mount Ijen who had an increase in the price of admission. But also other mountain tours like Bromo and Mount Semeru have the same thing. This increase is predicted to be up to 20% for domestic tourists and around 50% for foreign tourists. The increase in prices at these tourist attractions, apparently did not make visitors not do tours there. Instead they are increasingly visiting and want to see the natural beauty of the summit of Mount Ijen with their own eyes.

Ticket Price to Mount Ijen Updated 2021

This ticket price increase has occurred since 2014, where the increase is not only done on a whim. However, there is a letter supporting it, namely government regulation number 59 of 1998 regarding non-tax state revenue service tariffs.

Before the determination of the government, the cost of Ijen crater entrance fee for foreign tourists was Rp. 25,000. After the enactment of the stipulation, now the entrance fee for foreign tourists is Rp 100,000. Meanwhile for local tourists, the entrance fee to the Ijen Crater area before the stipulation is around Rp. 5,000 and now it has increased to Rp. 10,000. However, the tariff only applies for weekdays. Prices will change again when entering the weekend. For foreign tourists, the cost of entering the Ijen Crater attraction when the weekend reaches IDR 150,000 and for domestic tourists only costs IDR 15,000. Below for table Price ticket to Ijen

FOREIGNERIDR. 100.000,- / PAXIDR. 150.000,- / PAX
LOCAL TOURISTIDR. 10.000,- / PAXIDR. 15.000,- /PAX

Although the possibility of a significant increase makes visitors lazy to enter the Ijen Crater, but this is not proven. Ijen Crater Tourism remains crowded with people even reaching 250-500 people on weekdays. Meanwhile, when holidays come, an increase in visitors could be further increased by 1,000 people. In addition to the price of an entrance ticket for Mount Ijen tourism which has increased, there are no other changes to the regulations. So if you want to visit Ijen volcano in Banyuwangi you can contact us to +62 85 61999909.

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