How to Get to Semeru Mountain

By | January 7, 2020
How to Get to Semeru Mountain

How to Get to Semeru Mountain (Easy Route and Hiking). – Mountain climbing is now a new hobby for young people, especially students. This hobby can be as one of the exciting sports activities. Because obviously this is an unusual activity and requires extraordinary stamina to be able to do it. This activity has become epidemic and has become viral in the world of adolescents, therefore many young people are fond of climbing activities on this one.

They face a variety of tracks in order to achieve their goal of standing on the highest peak of a mountain. Therefore, the preparation of the climbers is certainly very mature and before they do climbing activities, they are busy with physical training activities to support climbing activities. Many mountain spots that can be used as climbing objects. Usually the mountains that are targeted by climbers have certain criteria. One of the criteria is to have a very beautiful view when they are at the top. And also has a challenging track, where they can capture every journey to the top in the memory of memories in our minds.

one of climbers’ favorite spots is Mount Semeru. The mountain is located between Malang and Lumajang regencies, East Java. The peak of Mount Semeru is known as Mahameru with a height of 3,676 meters above sea level. Certainly the height is very challenging especially for climbers. And here is how to get to Mount Semeru and the routes and paths we have to take when we want to climb a mountain that is a favorite of climbers:

How to Get to Semeru Mountain

If you want to visit the Semeru mountain tourism area from Surabaya, then you should go to the city of Malang. from this city you will continue the journey to the Semeru mountain area. Then you can go to Ranu Pani village via Tumpang village. Upon arrival in Ranu Pani village you must submit a photocopy of your ID Card, Stamp, and health certificate from the doctor to the officer in Ranu Pane lake.

Before making the climb, you pay an entrance ticket at a price of IDR. 19.000 / person / day, the price of this ticket is for Monday to Saturday. While the ticket price of IDR. 24.000 / day, specifically for week end. while the price of admission for foreign tourists is IDR. 210.000 / day (Week days), and IDR. 305,000 / day (Holiday: Friday Saturday and Sunday). and for the travel route to Semeru summit, please read more below

First: Ranu Pane Route – Ranu Kumbolo

Of course the name of the place above is familiar to our ears. Because the beauty and wonder of the scenery at that place is amazing. Climbing route via Ranu Pane – Landengan Dowo – Watu Rejeng – Ranu Kumbolo, this route is the route that is the best as the main choice of climbers because the travel time is only 4-5 hours drive. When we have arrived at Ranu Kumbolo, we will see a high hill. This is a climbing route to Mount Semeru and all climbers will definitely pass this route. This path has a very gentle slope which is known as the slope of love, located west of Ranu Rumbolo.

Second: Ranu Kumbolo – Kalimati

The second track that we will pass is Kalimati where to get there we must pass the Ramp of Love, Oro-Oro Ombo, Cemoro Kandang, and Jambangan. The travel time is approximately 3 hours. And in the Kalimati area there is a wellspring that we can make as a travel provision.

Next journey is Kalimati – Arcopodo

After arriving at Kalimati, our next target is Arcopodo. Climbing and reaching the top of Mahameru is not easy because it requires physical conditions that are really healthy because of the sand track which is certainly very difficult for us to walk. The travel time from Kalimati to Arcopodo is 6 hours.

Third is Enjoy Summit Mahamaru

And after passing a very long and certainly tiring journey, we arrived at the summit which has a myriad of wonderful views. And the temperature at this peak is 4 ° -10 ° Celsius. From this peak the climbers can see several mountains such as Bromo, Raung, Arjuno, etc.

As we know that Mount Semeru is an active mountain. Therefore, before 9 am the climbers must to come down because they are afraid to emit poisonous smoke. That was the route to get to Semeru Mountain and the best time to travel was May – September. Similarly, information about how to get to Semeru Mountain. And you need to remember, prepare your physical to be able to climb this mountain.