Entrance Fee to Mount Bromo

By | December 31, 2019
Entrance Fee to Mount Bromo 2020

The latest Entrance fee to Mount Bromo 2021 price which need to be known before visiting mount Bromo attractions, East Java. Mount Bromo is one of the many tourist attractions that attract the attention of tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. Mount Bromo is also one of the mountain tourism which has become the main destination for tourists and other tourists. Bromo Mountain is also one of the famous tourism icons. With all its beauty it certainly makes many people want to visit it and see it firsthand.

Some of us might already know about the price of Bromo Entrance tickets, especially for those who have visited Bromo. But not all travelers know about the price of the Bromo entrance ticket. Here we will review the Bromo Entrance Ticket Prices you need to know.

Entrance fee to Mount Bromo Price 2021

If so far the price of admission to Bromo for domestic tourists is IDR. 10.000 per person. so, in May 2015 it rose to IDR. 29.000 per person. The details are as follows, IDR. 25.000 for tickets and the remainder for insurance. While the price of Bromo entry tickets for foreign tourists who previously IDR. 57.000 / person, then the price rises to IDR. 220.000 / Person. However, these rates apply for week days, and when in the week end, the price can rise again.

Ticket prices for Bromo Admission on holidays or week end can go up to 10% from normal week rates So, the price of a Bromo entrance ticket for domestic tourists will change to IDR. 34.000 per person. Meanwhile, foreign tourists will be charged an entrance fee of around IDR. 320.000 per person. and for price details, please check the following table.

LOCAL PEOPLEIDR. 29.000,- /PAX IDR. 34.000,- /PAX
FOREIGNER IDR. 220.000,- /PAXIDR. 320.000,- /PAX

Entrance Ticket Price to Bromo News

The decision to increase Bromo entrance ticket prices is predicted to have an impact on the number of visitors and also the price of a jeep / hardtop rental in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. This is likely to happen, therefore the related parties will intensively announce the policy to the whole community before the new tariff is applied.

Possibly in 2021, admission to Bromo will be applied online. This means that if you are going to make a tour to Bromo, you must make a ticket reservation in advance through the online system at the official Bromo tengger semeru website. So when you are in Bromo you no longer need to buy a ticket to enter Bromo.

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